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Hilase is specialised in developing, prototyping and producing instruments for measuring the concentration of gases or aerosols in various applications in accordance to the requirements of its costumers. Hilase already successfully completed commercialising an instrument family (Hilase-Ex) for the natural gas industry for measuring water vapour, hydrogen-sulphide and carbon-dioxide. The company also offers its measurement service in selected applications including

  • gas permeability measurement of polymers,
  • atmospheric water vapour and total water measuring instrument operable on research aircrafts,
  • mobile environmental monitoring station for atmospheric aerosols measurements.

The operational principle of the Hilase instruments is laser based photoacoustic spectroscopy. The unique advantages of the method are its exceptionally wide measurement range, fast response, simplicity, robustness and its long term fully automatic and trouble-free operation. Hilase was founded in 2004. It is a spin-off company of the Department of Optics and Quantum Electronics, University of Szeged, Hungary. Photoacoustic gas detection is an active research field at the Department for more than two decades. Most of the employees of the company are experts in photoacoustics with either having a PhD or a diploma thesis based on photoacoustic R&D work. Hilase is a member of the Videoton group. Videoton Holding Plc. is the 23rd most considerable EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) company in the world.

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